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Noel Atomized Couverture Chocolate - 69%
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Noel Atomized Couverture Chocolate - 69%

Made in France, by Noel

item description
1 pail - 8 lb

About Noel Atomized Couverture Chocolate - 69%

Noel Atomized Couverture Chocolate - 69% For baking applications, such as “Pain Chocolat”. Formulated specifically to be baked. Made from fully conched chocolate coverture. Using a patented process, the cocoa butter content of the finished chocolate coverture is reduced, and the result is crystallized and pulverized into fine, free-flowing powder. Authentic, well-rounded chocolate taste, aroma, and mouth feel. Completely dissolves in any liquid, hot or cold, without lumps. Can be substituted for cocoa powder, with improved results, specially improved texture and less bitterness. To flavor hot or cold preparations. Can replace coverture, chocolate, or cocoa powder with improved results, particularly smoother texture and reduced bitterness. Strong agitation is necessary for complete incorporation. Made from fine cacao beans from all over the world, our Noel line of baking chocolate is made with both the professional and home baker in mind. The quality of the chocolate is superb, and the products are designed to make baking a breeze. Used in hotels, restaurants and homes, worldwide.

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