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Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar Gift Set
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Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar Gift Set

Made in Caspian Sea, by Markys

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About Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar Gift Set

Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar Gift Set The fine eggs of the Acipenser stellatus Sevruga caviar deliver a deliciously buttery flavor in its large and striking grayish black pearls - sometimes with a greenish hue. With the strongest flavor of all sturgeon caviars and a great crunchy texture, Sevruga is a great choice to explore Caspian caviars. Enjoy with the necessary sides to accompany in this fabulous gift set.Includes:

- 2 oz jar Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar
- Crème Fraiche (8 oz)
- Mini Blini, Pack of 36
- Mother of Pearl Spoon (optional)

Storage: 29-32 F for caviar, refrigerated for blinis and crème fraiche, shelf life
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.