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Lamb Chopper
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Lamb Chopper

Made in Holland, by Cypress Grove

item description
8 oz (cut portion)
2 lbs (cut portion)
10 lbs (whole wheel)

About Lamb Chopper

Cheese Facts: milk: sheep •  texture: semi-hard •  production: creamery, industrial

Lamb Chopper We have to admit that we love this cheese for more than just its flavor (which is great!)...because, have you seen the label?? It's a lamb, dressed as a tough-as-nails biker - black vest included - driving a Harley-type motorcycle. It makes us smile every time. But the charm of Lamb Chopper (the name makes sense now, doesn't it?) doesn't stop with the package. This aged sheep's milk cheese is made exclusively for California's Cypress Grove Creamy in Europe. The flavor mild, with a long buttery finish and a texture that is firm, smooth and easy to grate or slice. Use this amazing cheese on a cheese plate, melted in mushroom and rosemary polenta, shaved over melon and prosciutto, or in a delicious grilled cheese sandwich that will take you on the wild side! Bring to room temperature before serving. Pairs well with most wines, except the very tannic or oaky ones.

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