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White Truffle Sauce
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White Truffle Sauce

Made in Italy, by La Truffiere

item description
1 jar - 3.15 oz
3 jars - 3.15 oz each

About White Truffle Sauce

White Truffle Sauce Once in a while we come across an ingredient that totally wows us. This time, it was this White Truffle Sauce by La Truffiere. It takes our cooking to the next level with minimum effort, which we LOVE! Designed to be added to pasta dishes and risottos, it add a new layer of creamy, earthy yumminess to our plain-Jane weekend meals. A combination of cream, white truffle juice and Parmesan cheese, it's ready to use and ready to rock your culinary world! Also try it as a spread. No flavorings or artificial colors. Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: cream, white truffle juice (tuber magnatum pico), white truffles (tuber albidium pico), parmesan cheese, flour, salt, vegetable broth (salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil, yeast extract, flavorings, spices).
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