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De Cecco Pasta - Fettuccine - no. 6
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De Cecco Pasta - Fettuccine - no. 6

Made in Italy, by De Cecco

item description
1 box - 1 lb

About De Cecco Pasta - Fettuccine - no. 6

De Cecco Pasta - Fettuccine - no. 6 Ever popular in it's "Alfredo" interpretation, Fettuccine is one of the most versatile and hearty pastas out there. Long, flat ribbons of pasta made with egg and flour holds its own against strong sauces like ragu and heavy creams. It's best with butter, oil and cream sauces that help coat the strands evenly and prevent clumping. Try it with the classic creamy Alfredo, simply with olive oil and garlic, with fish and seafood pastas or meat ragus. Cook time is 8 minutes. De Cecco's bronze-drawn, slow-dried Fettuccine is always al dente, always delicious

Ingredients: Durum (wheat) semolina, niacin, ferrous lactate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid.
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