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Quinoa - Regular, Golden

Quinoa - Regular, Golden Recipes

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Quinoa - Regular, Golden

Made in Peru, by Gourmet Imports

item description
1 resealable bag - 1 lb
1 resealable bag - 3 lbs

About Quinoa - Regular, Golden

Quinoa - Regular, Golden Quinoa is another of those ancient foods that we seem to just be discovering. From the Andes Mountains in South America, Quinoa was consumed by the native people for almost 5,000 years, highly prized for its ability to grown in the terrain and its incredibly high protein content - more than any other grain. It's the perfect addition to any diet, but most especially vegetarians and vegans, providing that much-needed protein. It's also delicious, and compliments many different dishes, as a side or main course. Golden or regular quinoa tends to cook more wetly, and stick more, with a more subtle flavor. The beige color makes it a good choice when you want the main ingredients (like meat) to be the showcase. Cook it with broth or water, add sauteed vegetables, spices, herbs, toasted nuts and more.

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