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Crab Apple Mustard (Mostarda)
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Crab Apple Mustard (Mostarda)

Made in Italy, by Casa Forcello

item description
1 jar - 7.85 oz
3 jars - 7.85 oz each

About Crab Apple Mustard (Mostarda)

Crab Apple Mustard (Mostarda) Mostarda, is not, as its name might indicate, a type of mustard, but rather, it is a combination of sweet candied fruit slowly cooked with strong and spicy mustard oil. The result is lovely, glossy pieces of fruit that look deceptively sweet yet pack quite a punch. Italians serve this specialty as a pairing for cheeses, much like fresh fruit. This pear delicious Crab Apple Mostarda comes from Casa Forcello, one of the most acclaimed producers of Mostarda in the market. The texture is crunchy and crisp, much like fresh fruit. Pair with aged cheeses with strong personalities, like Pecorino Toscano or Manchego, and spiced salamis in a platter. Also goes wonderfully with roasted meats and game

Ingredients: crab apple, sugar, lemon, mustard essence.
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