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Sopressata Salami
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Sopressata Salami

Made in USA, by Creminelli

item description
1 salami - 7 oz
3 salamis - 7 oz each

About Sopressata Salami

Sopressata Salami Sopressata is the most well known of the Italian salamis and the most likely to be familiar even to the uninitiated. Sopressata is stuffed into a straight natural casing, hand-tied and then slowly cured. The Creminelli family has been making cured meats in Italy for many generations. First, they carefully select all natural and organic raw materials including the best cuts of naturally-raised heritage meat. Second, they follow a hands-on, one-batch-at-a-time process of artisan curing and slow cooking for which this is no substitute. Serving and storage tips: Salami is often served with the peel left on. However, the peel can be difficult to chew or tasteless so you may prefer removing it. Cutting salami very thin will make the peel easier to eat. To remove the peel, cut off the tip, score the salami lengthwise along as much of the salami you plan to eat, and the peel off that portion of the peel by getting your fingernails under the scored edge and slowly pulling it off. It often takes several tries, particularly when the peel is dry and brittle. You can moisten the skin by keeping the salami in a plastic baggy for several hours or by wetting it with a wet paper towel for about a minute. There are a few general rules with slicing and serving salami. First, letting salami get to room temperature out of the fridge both makes it easier to cut and brings the salami to its peak flavor. Second, if the salami is soft cut it thick like a banana and if the salami is hard cut it thin like prosciutto. Depending on the shape you want for your salami slice you can slice a regular cross-section, on the bias for a large slice, or even lengthwise for a long thin slice. Creminelli salami chubs are shelf stable and do not spoil. Typically, the most practical place to store salami is in the refrigerator. It will provide coolness without freezing, and the dryness of the refrigerator can be overcome by placing the salami in a plastic baggy.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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