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ordering by fax

Our site is built with strict security measures to ensure that your information is protected throughout the ordering process. However, if you would still prefer to order by fax please follow the instructions below:
You can shop online as normal, by adding your items to your shopping basket and once you're finished, print out and fax your order details. To do this, after you have finished shopping, click on My Basket, on the top right hand corner. On the My Basket page you will see a button to "Print Out A Fax Order". Use this to print out your order and fax that page to: 201.781.6706.
Please remember to include a valid e-mail address, which will ensure that you receive an e-mail confirmation of your order and receipt. If don't include an e-mail address, please call within 24 hs to confirm that your order has gone through. You can call the Gourmet Food Store customer support team at 877.236.9183.