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duck foie gras versus goose foie gras

What is the Difference between duck foie gras and goose foie gras? And is goose foie gras better than duck foie gras? These are good (and tough!) questions! And the answer is, it really depends on whom you ask. Some people are unable to distinguish between the flavors of both, and some find them vastly different. Duck foie gras usually has a more intense game-like flavor, with an earthiness to it that goose foie gras doesnít have. Goose foie gras lovers adore the smoothness and buttery-like flavor of goose foie gras. In most preserved products, itís hard to tell the difference, but usually the musky flavor of the duck shines through. In the battle of goose versus duck foie gras, there is only one winner: the one that gets to eat it!

Unfortunately, eating or cooking with fresh/frozen goose foie gras is no longer an option, at least in America. The Food and Drug Administration banned the importation of French foie gras (fresh or frozen). This wouldnít be a problem except US foie gras farms have preferred to focus solely on the rearing and production of duck foie gras, so no goose foie gras is available in the United States. Why is this? Geese are more susceptible to disease, their necks are more fragile, and since you canít use the rest of the bird (by the time the livers are ready, the rest of the goose is not usable), it just doesnít make economic sense. US foie gras comes from duck, and Moulard duck typically.