VIDEO: An Ode To Anchovies



Anchovies are one of the great polarizers of the gourmet world: beloved by connoisseurs, bedeviled by the less adventurous. Use them incorrectly, and these little fish will overpower any dish with their intensity; but use them properly, and the wonderful saltiness of anchovies will enhance even the most simple of dishes.

Despite their, shall we say, “smelly” reputation, you’ll find cans of anchovies in most chef’s pantries, whether packed in oil or salt. The reason? They’re the ultimate culinary trump card – versatile, delicious, non-perishable, and a great ingredient to give depth and texture to a dish. Add it to pasta, toast, pizza, salad and any sort of sauce, and you’ve got the bones for a great meal. And when it’s hot out, like it is right now, simple and easy sounds wonderful!

Plus, anchovies are not only packed with flavor, they’re also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, all in a very small, understated fish. Eaten all around the world as a prized delicacy, especially in the Mediterranean regions of Spain (anchovies are a tapas staple), France and Italy, so it’s time to shed the scales of shame this fish has in America!

We wanted some great tips on how to cook with anchovies, and we found them in this great video we’re sharing with you below. Melissa Clark of the New York Times highlights the wonderful versatility of anchovies and shares her secret recipe (hint: it involves toast and butter, yum!). It’s also a great primer on anchovies – from what they are, how they are packed, and how to recognize good quality anchovies when you see them.

Video source: The New York Times

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