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caesar dressing

Caesar Dressing

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Recipe Information

Yield:    1 1/2 cups
Cook Time:   5 minutes
Level:   Easy



1. In a medium non-reactive bowl, mash anchovies.
2. Add Egg Yolk and ½ tsp water. Whisk well.
3. Add minced garlic, Dijon Mustard and White Balsamic, whisk well to combine.
4. While whisking, slowly drizzle in the Olive Oil until all is added.
5. 5. Add grated Parmesan
6. Adjust seasoning with Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper.
7. Although classic Caesar Dressing is made with egg, feel free to omit it.
We have substituted White Balsamic Vinegar for Lemon Juice which is
traditionally used in a Caesar Dressing.
Garnish Caesar Salad with Sliver Skin Anchovies.

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