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duck tenderloin tournedos with duck foie gras

Duck Tenderloin Tournedos with Duck Foie Gras

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Recipe Information

Yield:    1 serving
Cook Time:   1h 15min
Level:   Difficult


  1. Flatten the duck tenderloin with a big knife.
  2. Cut the nerve in 3 points.
  3. Cut the duck Foie Gras in 3 cubes.
  4. Season the Foie Gras with salt and pepper.
  5. Roll up the duck tenderloin with the Foie Gras in the center and fix with a woden skewer.
  6. Peel the asparagus, boil in water.
  7. Roll the slices of smocked duck breast at the base of the asparagus tips.
  8. Prepare the French dressing with cider vinegar, truffle juice, hazelnut oil, salt and pepper.
  9. Pan fry the Tournedos and finish in oven.
  10. Cook medium rare.
  11. Pan fry asparagus tips and keep warm.
In a warm plate, put Tournedos and asparagus tips, scatter with French dressing and decorate with chervil.

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