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pork roulade with a chimay mash

Pork roulade with a CHIMAY mash

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Recipe Information

Yield:    4 servings
Cook Time:   3 hours
Level:   average



- Mash: peel and cut the potatoes into pieces. Wash and cook them al dente, then mash them. Mix in the egg yolks, the milk, the CHIMAY ROUGE and the butter. Then add the FROMAGE CHIMAY A LA BIERE. Season with pepper and salt and add the nutmeg.
- Remove the fat from the pork and cut it "like an envelope", namely lengthways, to obtain a large thin slice for rolling.
- Spread the sage, tomatade and FROMAGE CHIMAY A LA BIERE.
- Roll with the dried ham.
- Roll in a plastic cooking film and cook in a steam oven (or in a saucepan with water) for ten minutes.
- Leave to cool in the refrigerator (+/- 2 hours) and cut into small slices.
- Grill in the oven or slow-cooker.
- Sauce: brown the finely chopped shallots and sage in olive oil. Add the cut tomatoes, the CHIMAY ROUGE and the ketchup. Leave to reduce.

Present a round of mash topped with a slice of roulade.
Garnish with the sauce.

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