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roast monkfish with whole grain mustard prepared with cider vinegar

Roast Monkfish with Whole Grain Mustard Prepared with Cider Vinegar

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Recipe Information

Yield:    6 servings
Cook Time:   1 hour
Level:   Medium



Clean the monkfish, remove the spine, the central bone and the skin.
Cut a strip of haddock the length of the monkfish roast and a few centimetres wide.
Slide it into the place of the central bone.
Set the slices of smoked bacon on the monkfish and tie up.
Boil, in a casserole, the Muscadet, the water, 50g of butter, the mixed herbs and a few pepper grains.
Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
Pour this stock into an oven dish.
Pre-heat the oven to 180°C (th.6).
Place the roast of monkfish into the dish containing the stock and cook for 30 minutes.
Cook the pasta in salted water.
Put the rest of the butter and the cream into a small casserole and reduce over a low heat for 10 minuets.
Allow to cool, and then add the mustard.
Dice the remaining haddock, flour them, and then fry them in a little oil.
Remove the monkfish from the oven and present it on a warm serving dish.

Place the tagliatelle around the roast, and garnish with the haddock cubes.
Decorate with chervil.
Serve with the mustard sauce.

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