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Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steaks - Marble Grade 5/6

Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steaks - Marble Grade 5/6 Recipes

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Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steaks - Marble Grade 5/6

Made in Australia, by Greg Norman Signature Wagyu

item description
4 (10 oz) Rib Eyes
4 (12 oz) Rib Eyes
4 (14 oz) Rib Eyes
6 (10 oz) Rib Eyes
6 (12 oz) Rib Eyes
6 (14 oz) Rib Eyes
8 (10 oz) Rib Eyes
8 (12 oz) Rib Eyes
8 (14 oz) Rib Eyes
12 (10 oz) Rib Eyes
12 (12 oz) Rib Eyes
12 (14 oz) Rib Eyes

About Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steaks - Marble Grade 5/6

Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steaks - Marble Grade 5/6 These rib eye steaks are cut from a wet-aged Signature Wagyu prime rib roast. Rib eye steaks are more richly marbled than other cuts, making the steak incredibly flavorful and tender. Greg Norman Signature™ Wagyu is produced from the same cattle breed known for producing the legendary Kobe beef of Japan. Greg Norman Wagyu Beef is finished for a minimum of 300 days on a special Japanese formulation of grains to produce an incredibly marbled, high quality product. This finishing along with superior Wagyu genetics leads to butter knife tenderness. Greg Norman Signature Wagyu is graded by independent assessors who expertly grade marbling levels in the Wagyu Beef to international standards. Each of the valuable prime cuts are then specially sorted using the AAco Wagyu Grading System. Greg Norman Wagyu grades range from 3 to 12 with an average of 6 and only an elite 5% of cattle grade higher than 9. Wagyu (translates to "Japanese Cow") cattle are bred to produce fat that is substantially lower in saturated fats than other beef, and is considered a super premium beef not only because of its generous marbling, but because of its fat quality.

Storage: frozen/refrigerated, shelf life
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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