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Whole Prosciutto Americano
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Whole Prosciutto Americano

Made in USA, by La Quercia

item description
16 lb leg (approximately)

About Whole Prosciutto Americano

Whole Prosciutto Americano This American prosciutto is giving the Italians a run for their money! Velvety smooth, a lovely rose color with mouth-watering marbling throughout, this Prosciutto American is just as good if not better than that produced in Italy, with a rich, deep flavor than ends with a lingering sweet note. The pigs used for this meat are raised antibiotic free in a family-owned farm, and fed a vegetarian diet. The only ingredients are pork, sea salt, and some TLC. Serve in a salumi, antipasto, or cheese and meat platter, pairs well especially with: alpine cheeses, aged sheep's milk cheeses, and aged cheddars. Serve with a larger, hard cider, champagne or Lambrusco. An innovative producer based in Iowa, La Quercia makes artisan cured meats and salumi — prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, speck, lonza, guanciale, and lardo. Seeking out the best ingredients, produced responsibly, they craft them by hand into high quality and delicious products that expresses their appreciation for the beauty and bounty of Iowa.

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