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French Blues

Blue Cheese Sampler

from France by Gourmet Food World
This sampler includes:
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Bayley Hazen Blue
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Bleu de Basques
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Fourme au Moelleux
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Blue di Bufala
Complete your cheese course with:
  •   1 box - 5.3 oz, Crackerthins [Add $6.75]
  •   1 jar - 7 oz, Fig Jam [Add $6.20]
  •   1 resealable bag - 8 oz, Marcona Almonds, Fried and Salted [Add $12.75]

Blue Cheese Sampler

Blue cheeses are complex, salty, and sometimes distinctly smelly cheeses. Infused with blue-gray molds, the classification of cheese is usually sharp and salty. Each cheese featured on this board has been carefully selected to work in harmony with the others.

Bayley Hazen Blue: this raw cow's milk cheese has a dense and luscious texture comparable to fudge. But don't expect a whole load of sweetness here: traveling this road will be a nutty, tangy, spicy affair, over firm yet creamy paste potholed blue with notes of licorice.

Bleu des Basques Brebis is an artisan cheese made in the Basque region of France. Firm and smooth, this cheese benefits from its pastoral surroundings. The sheep's diet of fresh grasses and wildflowers infuse the milk to create a pleasing flavor of nuts, spices, and apricots. Not as creamy as other blues.

Blue di Bufala:a unique blue-veined cheese made from Buffalo milk, this is dense and full-flavored, with all the silkiness and buttery textures that high butterfat buffalo milk imparts, but also a bold, unrepentant blue taste. This semi-firm aged blue is perfect for a cheese platter. Pair with Muscato or Shiraz.

Fourme au Moelleux is a fabulous French blue cheese injected Vouvray, a sweet white wine from the Loire Valley. Made with Fourme D'Ambert, a cow's milk blue cheese, this creamy, dense cheese is perfectly offset by the sweet wine. Complex and delicious, this is a very special cheese made by one of the best cheesemonger in the world, Rodolphe Le Meunier.

Substitution Note: if a cheese is out of stock we will substitute for something similar or equally delicious!

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