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Cabernet Verjus

Cabernet Verjus

from Spain by Boulou
1 bottle - 25.3 fl oz room temp   $17.50

About Cabernet Verjus

A classic condiment that dates back to ancient Rome, Verjus is the juice that’s made from the pressing of unripe grapes. Although similar to vinegar, Verjus it’s not acetified so it’s gentler and milder, not as acidic and with an added natural sweetness. And unlike wine, it’s not fermented so it doesn’t have any alcohol content.

Our Cabernet Verjus by Boulou is made from Cabernet wine grapes, beautifully red, sweet and fruity, with a well-balanced acidity. Use it to add a sweet-tart flavor and a deeper taste to recipes that would be overwhelmed by the tartness of vinegar – dressing, glaces, and even poaching fruit. This red wine verjus is perfect to soften the flavor of bitter greens like Arugula, or to add flavor to sauces and marinades for meats.

Ingredients: Grape Juice, Sulfer Dioxide (to prevent fermentation). No alcohol or colorants.
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