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Spanish Piedras de Chocolate - Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Almonds
from Spain by Mitica
Oversized Spanish Largueta almonds coated in decadent dark chocolate and finely dusted in cacao.
3 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Iberico Pork Belly, Skin Off - Panceta Iberica
from Spain by Vallehermoso
1889 Salted Butter Cookies
from Italy by Le Fattorie Fiandino
Delightfully rich disks of buttery goodness, these salted butter cookies are the perfect combination of salty and sweet.
Spanish Pecans - Caramelized
from Spain by Mitica
Sweet, plump little candied pecans are the perfect sweet treat and a great addition to cheese plates.
Taralli Crackers - Classic
from Italy by Mitica
Crunchy, dense and richly flavored, Italian Taralli are the perfect snack, and the perfect companion to cheese plates or antipasto.
Nicolas Alziari Cuvee Prestige Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from France by Nicolas Alziari
A fruity olive oil, this delicate blend is characterized by a delightful combination of almonds, mangoes, artichokes, and hazelnuts.
Spanish Marcona Almonds - Blanched, Fried and Salted
from Spain by Mitica
Plump, sweet Spanish Marcona almonds are our pick to pair with cheese plates or for happy hour snacks.
Spanish Cocktail Snack Nut Mix
from Spain by Mitica
A great nut mix is an essential weapon in the entertainers’ arsenal, and we’ve found one you’ll want to stock up on!
Spanish Crunchy Corn Quicos
from Spain by Mitica
Fried giant corn kernels are crunchy, salty without being overwhelming, and wonderfully light – really, really addictive!
French Strawberry Preserve
from France by Francis Miot
A sweet and rich French strawberry preserves just as delicious spread on toast as on a cheese board.
Sbrisolona, Original - Traditional Italian Cookie
from Italy by Mitica
This crunchy, crumbly Italian cookie from Mantova is the perfect treat to pair with coffee or tea, or to serve for dessert.
Prosciutto Speciale - Sliced
from United States by Casella
A gorgeous authentic Prosciutto made in America following the techniques of Italy's itinerant butchers, the norcini.
Flaco Paco Pepperettes - Smoked Pork Sticks
from United States by Olympia Provisions
A small-format artisan salami made with premium fresh Northwest pork and seasoned with paprika and fresh ground garlic. 
Sbrisolona Al Cioccolato - Traditional Italian Chocolate Cookie
from Italy by Mitica
A crunchy, buttery, absolutely Mantovan cookie made with dark chocolate and cocoa. 
French Plum Preserve
from France by Francis Miot
A thick and chunky fruit preserves made with a rare, sweet and tart French Questche Plums.
Orange Delights - Hand-Dipped Dark Chocolate Candied Oranges
from Spain by Mitica
Sweet Valencia oranges candied and hand-dipped in dark chocolate from Forastero cacao beans.
Three Red Fruits Preserve
from France by Francis Miot
A flavorful French preserves made with strawberries, raspberries and Morello cherries, cooked in copper cauldrons. 
Smoked Duck and Apple Jack Brandy Sausage
from United States by Chateau Royal
Smoked Venison Sausages
from United States by Broadleaf
Elk Sausage with Apple and Pear and Port Wine
from United States by Chateau Royal
Smoked Wild Boar Cheddar Jalapenowurst
from United States by Broadleaf
Muscovy Duck Drake Single Breast
from United States by Grimaud Farms
A plump, large and succulent all-natural single breast from Muscovy ducks raised in California.
Grass Fed Flank Steaks
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
French Orange Preserve
from France by Francis Miot
A juicy and sweet French artisan spread made with Navelate oranges in copper cauldrons.
New Zealand Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye Steaks
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs, 12 Inch
from United States by Broadleaf
on sale
Venison Flank Steaks
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Lamb Fore Shanks
from New Zealand by Broadleaf


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