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Cardamon - Whole Green Pods

Cardamom - Whole Green Pods

from India by Gourmet Imports
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Cardamom - Whole Green Pods

Green Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamomum) from India is the third most expensive spice, behind Vanilla and Saffron. But with Gourmet Food World you can buy green cardamom pods any time you need them.

Whole Green Cardamom pods have medium-sized oval-shaped husks with a light green color like that of new leaves. Cardamom pods can be split open to reveal a smaller seed inside. When cooking with whole pod cardamom it can be used a variety of ways. The whole pod can be put into a simmering dish like a soup or curry to infuse the dish with the cardamom flavor. The pod should be removed prior to serving. The pod should not be left in the dish because eventually it will start to impart a bitter taste. Alternatively, the pod can be cracked open to reveal the seeds. The seeds can be used whole, roasted, crushed, or ground.

Use green cardamom in curries, soups, and rice dishes. It has a complex aroma that combines warm earthy notes with light citrus flavors. Cardamom blends well with other spices. It appears in cuisines around the world, from Northern India to Sweden and Finland, to the Middle East and Asia. Typical recipes calling for cardamom include julekake bread, pulla bread, chai tea, masala curry, and basmati rice pilafs.

Store cardamom pods whole until ready to use.  Ground cardamom looses its flavor quickly.

Ingredients: Cardamom.
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