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Distilled White Vinegar

Distilled White Vinegar

from United States by Chef's Quality
1 jug - 1 gallon room temp $29.10 $29.10
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Distilled White Vinegar

Inexpensive and incredibly versatile, our distilled white vinegar from Chef’s Quality, is great for a number of basic kitchen tasks. Perfect for poaching eggs, cooking rice, or balancing out the sweetness in marinades, dressings, and barbecue sauces, everyone needs a gallon, or two, of this all-purpose condiment! A must-have if you do any pickling, distilled white vinegar is the perfect base as its neutral flavor palate won’t detract from the blend of herbs and spices you use. With its approachable price point and subtle flavor, it’s ideal for all manner of recipes and even household chores!

Created by pressing oxygen into grain-based alcohol like vodka, oxygen exposure causes the alcohol to react by creating bacteria and acetic acid. The acetic acid is what gives white vinegar its characteristic sour flavor. While vinegars are made from all manner of bases, from wines and beer to sherry or cider, starting with grain alcohol gives white vinegar a neutral flavor profile making it one of the more versatile vinegars, and a must-have for any well-stocked kitchen pantry.

White vs Distilled Vinegar

The difference between basic white and distilled white vinegar can be a little confusing. In short, the most notable distinction is the acid content. While distilled white vinegar is bolder than many other cooking vinegars in terms of that sharp sour flavor, its acid percentage is on par with other more mild condiments (roughly 5%-8%). Basic white vinegar, on the other hand, also known as spirit vinegar, has an acid content ranging as high as 25%, making it more appropriate for cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen than incorporating into your recipes.

Ingredients: White distilled vinegar (diluted with water to 5% acidity).
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: I am flushing my on demand water heater and have been told to use virgin food grade white vinegar. I need 4 gallons. Do you carry this type? Thanks Harry
A: This distilled white vinegar would be considered "Virgin" white vinegar.

Q: Is this white vinegar Gluten free?
A: The vinegar is not labeled as gluten free. However, according to the American Dietetic Association and Celliac support groups, distilled vinegar is safe as the distillation process removes the gluten traces.

Q: Hello i want to know is it safe to store water in your distilled white vinegar containers/food grade Thankx
A: We would assume that since this container holds vinegar, which is acidic, it would also be safe for storing water. But it doesn't say anything about this on the packaging, nor does it say it's food-grade, so do so at your own discretion.


White Wine Vinegar
from France by Clovis