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Coriander - Ground Fine

Coriander - Ground Fine

from Canada by Gourmet Imports
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Coriander - Ground Fine

Ground coriander comes from specifically from the coriander plant seeds. This is important to note because the leaves and stems of the coriander plant are known as a different herb all together- Cilantro!

Coriander has a mild citrus flavor reminiscent of sage and cumin. It is used extensively in Indian and Moroccan cuisine, especially in curries and with meat and seafood dishes. Use fine ground coriander seeds in garam masala and the Arab spice mixture Taklia. In Eastern Europe, Russia, and South Africa coriander is used in soups, pickled vegetables, and sausages, It is also a popular seed in rye bread. Coriander is also used by brewers for some Belgian style wheat beers, and by distillers who make gin and vermouth.

Coriander is often used alongside cumin, orange slices, and garlic. Since it is a mild spice it can be used in generous quantities. Use at least one teaspoon per pound of meat or fish and 1/4 teaspoon per two cups of rice.

This gourmet coriander powder can loose its flavor quickly if left in the open air. For the longest shelf life it is best to store the ground spice in an airtight opaque container.

Ingredients: Coriander.
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