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Granulated Calabrian Chili Peppers - Dried

Calabrian Chile Peppers - Dried, Granulated

from United States by D'Allesandro
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Calabrian Chile Peppers - Dried, Granulated

Our Calabrian Chile Peppers come, as their name implies, from beautiful Calabria, Italy, but in the United States we know them as pepperoncini. Calabria holds an annual Pepperoncino Festival, a tradition since1992, so that gives you an idea how beloved these peppers are in Italy.

The pepper itself is small, but that doesn’t stop it from making a big impact to your dishes. Pepperoncinos are an extremely versatile spice that can basically be added to anything to give a nice kick of flavor - spicy and warm, with some pleasant fruity undertones.

These vibrant granulated Calabrian chile peppers are very popular with olive oil. If combined directly with olive oil they make for a good dip or condiment, absolutely delightful when drizzled over pizza or on top of some hummus to add a hint of heat and color. Lightly frying some foods in olive oil first and then adding the granulated chili peppers will also bring bursts of flavor to your meal. Alternatively, you can use the peppers to create a delicious chili paste that you can prepare in advance and then store to use when desired.

Italians believe Calabrian chiles are the best chili peppers produced in the world…and we might agree!

Ingredients: Dried chili peppers
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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