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Dill Seed

Dill Seed

from India by Gourmet Imports
2 cases - 7.5 lbs ea room temp $7.74 $116.10 4709204

Dill Seed

Dill Seeds are the small, fragrant fruits of the dill plant. They have a mild and sweet flavor similar to caraway seeds.

Dill is in the Apiaceae family, which includes anise, caraway, carrot, celery, chervil, coriander, fennel, parsley, and parsnip. All these herbs have a similar licorice/anise like flavor in varying degrees of intensity. Dill is one of the milder flavored herbs, though the seeds have stronger flavor than the leaves of the same plant (called Dill Weed) and they should not be interchanged in recipes.

Dill seeds are used in Arab and Indian recipes, as well as Eastern European and Russian traditional dishes. They offer a versatile foundational flavor. Dill seeds work well with hearty root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, turnips, and onions. For a quick and easy salad shred carrots with coriander, lemon juice, and dill seed. In soups dill works well with eggplant, cabbage, and meats. It is a common ingredient in Russian borsch. Dried dill seed is used in some pickling seasonings because it works well with acidic vinegar bases. Try dill with pickled cucumbers, beets, or carrots.

Dill seeds can be toasted, fried, or simmered in broths. Add them at the beginning of a recipe for a mild flavor infused throughout the dish, or add them at the end for a louder punch of flavor.

Like many gourmet spices, for best flavor store dill seeds away from air, heat, and moisture.

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Ingredients: Dill seed.
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4709204 2 cases - 7.5 lbs ea 14.00 lbs. - 16.00 lbs. $7.74


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