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Gourmet Food WorldCulinary and Balsamic VinegarRed Wine VinegarRed Wine Vinegar - Aged 12 Months
Red Wine Vinegar - Aged 12 Months

Red Wine Vinegar - Aged 12 Months

from France by Edmond Fallot
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Red Wine Vinegar - Aged 12 Months

Starting with premium French wine Edmond Fallot creates their red wine vinegar by fermenting it until rich and tangy. Aged for a minimum of twelve months, to take the sharp edge off the vinegar and mellow its flavor profile, it is then strained, bottled, and sold to you, the discerning customer. The ideal salad dressing and an excellent addition to marinades and sauces, you’ll love the complexity and nuance it adds to your recipes.

Made from only the finest ingredients, this aged red wine vinegar is full-bodied, perfectly encapsulating the deep rich flavor of good red wine. Drizzle over greens on its own or use as a flavorful base for delicious vinaigrettes and dressings. Playing beautifully off of the flavors intrinsic to beef or red game meats like venison, it’s the perfect choice when creating marinades. Destined to become an essential element in your kitchen’s pantry, this red wine vinegar from Edmond Fallot is sure to quickly become your go-to condiment when you’re looking to boost the flavor of your dishes.

Easy to store, simply keep your red wine vinegar tightly sealed in the bottle it came in. Place it on a dark shelf in a cool pantry to maintain optimal flavors. No need to refrigerate or worry about spoilage, this red wine vinegar will last indefinitely, adding phenomenal flavor whenever it’s needed.

Since its inception in 1840, Fallot has been an independent family-owned company creating some of the finest vinegar and condiments in the world. Located in Burgundy France, their vinegars start as some of the best wines in Europe. Committed to using classical techniques and premium ingredients, they’ve become a sought-after addition to the discerning chef and the gourmand’s pantry. Each 16.75-ounce bottle is available for purchase singly or in bulk cases of six.

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar (sulphites), preservative: sodium hydrogen sulphite. 7% acidity.
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