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Espelette - Piment Spice

Espelette - Piment Spice

from France by Ferme Fagaldia
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Espelette - Piment Spice

Enjoy this ground Basque Piment d’Espellette AOC as a powdered spice and use it to add a flavorful pop of smoky heat to meals.

Espellette Peppers, known as Piment d’Espelette in French, are a special chili pepper grown only in the region of Espellette, in the Basque area of Northern France. They received AOC status (appellation d'origine contrôlée) in 1999, acknowledging that the peppers grown in this particular region were of the highest quality with a distinctive taste thanks to characteristics relating to growing conditions, weather, soil content, and others found only in that particular region.

Espellette Peppers are most often sold dried whole or ground. They have a mildly hot, smoky-sweet flavor comparable to hot paprika. Espellette Peppers are used in typical Basque dishes like piperade: a sautéed dish made with onion, green peppers, tomatoes, and Espelette peppers. For a simple appetizer place soft white cheese on a toasted baguette and sprinkle with Ground Espellette Pepper Powder, also known as Piment Spice in The States. They are also a good pepper for use in spicy-sweet dishes. They work well paired with chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon in ice cream, hot chocolate, and truffles.

It is believed that chili peppers were first brought to France during the 16th century world explorations. Since then the people of Espellette have certainly made this red chili pepper spice their own!

Ingredients: 100% chilli pepper powder
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