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Gourmet Food WorldTruffles and MushroomsFresh TrufflesFresh Black Smooth Truffles - Tuber Macrosporum
Fresh Black Smooth Truffles - Tuber Macrosporum

Fresh Black Smooth Truffles - Tuber Macrosporum

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Fresh Black Smooth Truffles - Tuber Macrosporum


Cherished by chefs and foodies around the world for its bold garlicky taste and aroma, the smooth truffle is often compared to the famous Italian white Alba for its similar flavor profile. Ideal for creating a savory base, these smooth truffles are the perfect addition to sauces and patés. But the culinary possibilities don’t stop there! From meats and wild game to classics like omelettes, fish, and vegetables, even the sweet notes of cake and desserts can benefit from the distinct flavor of the Tuber macrosporum.

What are Smooth Black Truffles?

A distinct variety, the smooth truffle is marked by its relatively flat exterior, contrasting black and white interior, and bold garlicky flavor. Irregular in shape, these truffles typically measure 0.5 to 2 centimeters in diameter and weigh roughly 15-200g. Ranging from a rusty brown to black: the striking interior is beautifully veined and aromatic. Storing better than most other truffles, they can be kept for weeks without losing any of their delightful characteristics. This longevity make the smooth black truffle a favorite among professional chefs.

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