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American Artisanal Cheese Sampler

from United States by Gourmet Food World
This sampler includes:
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Cabot Clothbound
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Bayley Hazen Blue
  • 8 oz (cut portion), Tarentaise
  • 1 piece - 5 oz, Bonne Bouche
Complete your cheese course with:
  •   1 box - 5.3 oz, Crackerthins [Add $7.00]
  •   1 jar - 7 oz, Fig Jam [Add $7.75]
  •   1 resealable bag - 8 oz, Marcona Almonds, Fried and Salted [Add $12.25]

About American Artisanal Cheese Sampler

Discover the best of American cheesemaking with our American Artisanal cheese board. This cheese board includes 4 unique, award-winning cheeses from America’s most innovative cheese makers – Cabot Creamery, Point Reyes, Spring Brook Farms and Vermont Creamery.

Cabot Clothbound: A classic Vermont cheddar, Cabot Clothbound is wrapped with muslin and carefully left to age at least 10 months in the impressive cheddar vaults at the Cellars at Jasper Hill. The texture of Cabot Clothbound is similar to that of a traditional English cheddar, with a flavor that has wonderful tones of burn caramel and milk, with nutty and savory notes. Cabot Creamery was one of the first family farm cooperatives in Vermont, and today they are widely known for making exceptional American-style block Cheddar.

Bay Blue: Cow’s milk. A fantastic farmstead blue cheese, Bay Blue is a rustic reinterpretation of the classic Stilton. Aged for 90 days, it boasts a well balanced sweet flavor that’s not overpowering, with notes of salted caramel. The texture is dense, fudge-like, with a fragrance that’s earthy and complex. It melts beautifully, especially over a risotto or pasta dish. Serve along figs, honey and berries, and pair with Syrah, Cabernet or Port wine. Made by Point Reyes An artisan and organic creamery in lush West Marin, California, known for their fantastic raw milk blue cheeses.

Tarentaise: Raw cow’s milk. A rare organic cheese, Tarentaise in made in Vermont at Spring Brook Farm. It’s made following the traditional alpine style cheese, made in copper vats, with cultures and techniques straight from the Alps. It’s a firm (or semi-hard) cheese, with a supple and elastic texture. It’s wonderfully nutty and earthy flavor so beloved from mountain cheeses, which pairs wonderfully with meats, charctuterie, and melt beautifully.

Bonne Bouche: Ash-ripened goat’s milk cheese, this is the creation of Vermont Creamery. Modeled after the fabulous chevres of the Loire Valley, this creamy and buttery goat cheese has a bloomy rind that’s ripened with ash. It’s a young cheese, light, airy, with citrusy notes and a tangy flavor, with notes of mushrooms and a spicy finish. Once at room temperature, Bonne Bouche is runny and unctuous, perfect to spread and spoon. Serve with Rose wine and sweet fruit.

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