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Hanakatsuo - Dried and Smoked Bonito Flakes

Hanakatsuo - Dried and Smoked Bonito Flakes

from Japan by Hanakatsuo
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Hanakatsuo - Dried and Smoked Bonito Flakes

Japanese cooking is full of ingredients that are packed with that highly sought “umami”, known as the 5th ingredient, an indescribable, deep-flavored taste. AKA: flavor powerhouse. Katsuobushi is made of dried fermented bonito fish, boasting an intense saltiness and smokiness that is the backbone of many Asian dishes, especially the popular dashi, which is a combination of Katsuobushi and kombu (dried kelp). Dashi in turn is used as the base many soups and sauces, like miso soup.

The dried flakes are filled with flavor, and in way they’re similar to bottarga in terms of unami and usage. If you’re using Katsuobushi to make dashi, all you need to do is soak the kombu, simmer, then turn off the heat and add the flakes. Once the flakes sink to the bottom, the dashi is one. So easy! Making your own authentic miso soup is so easy when you have Katsuobushi on hand. Besides soup, you can use the bonito flakes to add complex flavor to many other dishes, like vegetables. You’ll also find Katsuobushi simply called katsuo.

Ingredients: dried bonito
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