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Shrimp - Raw, Shell On, Easy Peel

Shrimp - Raw, Shell On, Easy Peel

from Thailand by Oishii
1 lb - 16/20 count chilled $29.19 $29.19 4812301
1 lb - 13/15 count chilled $40.95 $40.95 4812302

Shrimp - Raw, Shell On, Easy Peel

Is there anything better than a perfectly cooked, juicy pink shrimp….? We couldn’t think of anything either. Whether they're the crustaceans responsible for the briny bursts of flavor in every other bite of your scampi, or they’re what keeps you coming back to the buffet table for just one more helping, there is something primally delicious about shrimp.

As with all seafood freshness is of the utmost importance, that’s why we source our raw shrimp from Oishii. Dedicated to serving only the highest quality products, Oishii shrimp are harvested using small-batch sustainable fishing methods. Employing cutting edge farming techniques along with strict water quality control methods, Oishii is able to produce some of the most delicious fresh shrimp on the market! Processed the same day they’re caught to preserve flavor and texture, Oishii shrimp taste as if they had just jumped out of the ocean and onto your plate!

The line between perfectly cooked and rubbery overcooked shrimp is dangerously thin, especially if the shrimp you’ve purchased came in a haphazard range of sizes. With decades of experience in the business, Oishii realizes the importance of consistency and takes special care in the packaging of its shrimp. Hand-sorted and packed their one-pound bags of shrimp are not only fresh and delicious but also of a consistent size and quality. At Gourmet Food World, we are proud to be working with reputable purveyors like Oishii, who put the caliber of their food at the forefront of everything they do. Order this stand out shrimp today and taste the difference in quality and flavor that it makes in all your favorite recipes tomorrow!

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