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Prosciutto di San Danielle - Boneless - 24 months

Prosciutto di San Danielle - Boneless - 24 months

from Italy by San Daniele
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Prosciutto di San Danielle - Boneless - 24 months

There are three things that make Prosciutto San Daniele stand out from any ham you’ve ever tried: color, aroma, and flavor. Every ham has a distinctive pink and red mixture that blends with ivory colored fat rings. San Daniele matures each leg for twenty-four months, so there are strong bread and barley aromas with notes of dried fruit. The flavor is subtle, yet balanced with tangy notes from the cured meat. Each bite is delightful to all the senses.

San Daniele sources only pigs that are born, reared, and harvested in Italy to make their delicious prosciutto. They feed each pig a very specific diet comprising whey protein and high-quality grains. Harvesters store every leg between -1°C and +3°C for twenty-four hours to add tone to the meat and trim to encourage moisture loss. San Daniele covers each leg with sea salt and rests the meat for another twenty-four hours to allow preservation yet maintain quality.

After salting, they press the meat to allow the salt to go deep into the tissue. The meat rests for another four months and is then washed and left to mature for the remaining months. During the maturation process, quality-control regularly pricks each leg with a horse-bone needle at specific points to smell the aroma and assess quality. This is a thorough, extensive process you won’t find with other prosciutto producers.

Once you remove your ham from its packaging, be sure to protect the surface with food service film after every use. San Daniele recommends that boneless hams should be cut into two or three parts and then re-vacuum sealed in order to preserve the fragrance. Store each ham between 33 °F to 44 °F and always discard the first slice when you resume cutting.

San Daniele honors traditional methods of aging that originated between eleventh and eighth century B.C. These methodologies evolved over time, but the commitment to the craft remains the same. They added branding requirements that ensure every phase of production is controlled and registered with the European Commission to gain Protected Designation of Origin status. San Daniele continues to produce their world famous Prosciutto di Parma with the same dedication passed down through each generation.

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Q: Shelf life refrigerated , how long?
A: Once open and the seal has been broken, should be good for 7-10 days 

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