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Gourmet Food WorldCulinary and Balsamic VinegarSherry VinegarSolera 77 Sherry Wine Vinegar Reserva (Vinagre de Jerez), D.O.P.
Solera 77 Sherry Wine Vinegar Reserva (Vinagre de Jerez), D.O.P.

Solera 77 Sherry Wine Vinegar Reserva (Vinagre de Jerez), D.O.P.

from Spain by Videsan
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Solera 77 Sherry Wine Vinegar Reserva (Vinagre de Jerez), D.O.P.

Aged a minimum of two years in oak wood barrels, the sherry vinegar from Solera 77 develops a rich mahogany color, a silky texture, and an ample, well-balanced flavor with afternotes of dried fruits and spices. Carefully crafted using the "Solera" method in Cadiz, Spain, this specialty vinegar makes an excellent gift for the gourmands in your life; or an excellent addition to your own pantry. This gourmet vinegar boasts intense flavors that enhance everything from meats and vegetables to dressings and sauces.

Known by many as the “King of Vinegars”, sherry vinegar is made from Spanish sherry wine. Produced from the Palomino white grape only in the province of Cadiz, Spain, every element of this exceptional condiment is closely monitored and attended to. Aged in the same way as sherry wine, the vinegar is matured in oak barrels, previously used to store sherry wine, helping to permeate the vinegar with the deep flavors and aromas of the spirit. The maturation process that’s so carefully followed, ensures that the finished vinegar contains a mixture of vinegars, each a different age. This combination helps introduce a wide range of flavors and makes the finished condiment a delightfully complex product.

Each bottle of this sensational sherry vinegar from Solera 77 is 25-ounces and is available for purchase singly or in bulk cases of twelve. No matter what your vinegar needs entail, we’ve got you covered at Gourmet Food World! Browse through our complete selection of vinegars and condiments here and order online to receive your gourmet goods as soon as tomorrow!

Ingredients: Vinagre de Jerez Reserva, color: E150 D, e-224. Contains sulfites. 8% acidity.
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