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Sushi Rice - Calrose

Sushi Rice - Calrose

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Sushi Rice - Calrose

When it comes to crafting the ultimate sushi masterpiece, the choice of rice is paramount, and Calrose sushi rice is second to none. This premium rice variety, known for its exceptional texture and flavor, transforms your sushi and helps you create an exceptional eating experience!

Celebrated for its medium-grain characteristics—plump, tender, and slightly sticky when cooked to perfection. This unique combination of qualities allows the rice to hold its shape while enhancing the flavors of the ingredients within, resulting in sushi that's both visually appealing and delectably flavorful.

The journey from paddy to plate is an arduous one. Calrose rice is cultivated with care, nurtured in the ideal climate, and meticulously processed to maintain its integrity and bring its best characteristics to the forefront. Its consistency in texture and absorbency make it the go-to choice upon which sushi chefs craft their best creations.

A sushi-making essential, this rice's versatility extends to other culinary realms. Whether you're preparing rice bowls, stir-fries, or puddings, its distinct texture and subtle taste elevate every dish to a new level of satisfaction.

For professional sushi chefs and home cooks, Calrose is a trusted ally in creating the best sushi rice. Its ability to showcase flavors while holding its structure is a testament to its quality and performance.

Elevate your recipes, honor tradition, and indulge in the unrivaled pleasure of crafting and savoring the finest sushi using this exceptional product. Discover the difference that Calrose brings to your dishes and embrace a new level of culinary perfection.

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