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Japanese Donko Shiitake Mushrooms - Dried

Japanese Donko Shiitake Mushrooms - Dried

from Japan by Takehisa
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Japanese Donko Shiitake Mushrooms - Dried

One of the fundamental pillars of Japanese cuisine, Shiitake mushrooms are cherished for their deep umami flavor profile. Takehisa’s dried Donko variety is considered one of the best thanks to its slow growing period. The earthy complexities and aroma of this uniquely delicious Japanese mushroom are amplified, making them a universal favorite. Make delightful dashi, rich bases for soups and stews, and once hydrated, add these plump and meaty mushrooms into everything from stir-fries and risotto to your breakfast omelet!

Forest-grown Shiitake mushrooms come in two varieties: Donko and Koshin. While each are harvested from the same type of Shiitake, they are gathered at different ages of maturity. The Donko mushroom is taken before the mushroom can fully bloom or open up. Harvesting it earlier creates a thicker, smaller mushroom than the Koshin, whose umbrella is flatter and wider. Koshin are known as the more aromatic of the two, while Donko has a chewier texture and deeper, meatier aroma preferred by many.

The word “Donko” comes from the Chinese for ‘winter.’ While a few Donkos are harvested in the Autumn, the majority of them are gathered in the winter months. Their cold surroundings and slower growing period give them distinct characteristics that chefs and gourmands love. Incorporate them into any savory dish. Create flavorful bases, and add their meaty texture to all manner of recipes year round with our dried shiitake mushrooms from Takehisa!

Ingredients: dried shiitake mushrooms
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