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Gourmet Food WorldCheese and ButterButterButter Logs Lightly Salted
Butter Logs Lightly Salted

Butter Logs Lightly Salted

from United States by Vermont Butter & Cheese
12 logs - 1 lb ea chilled $12.45 $149.40 5938402

Butter Logs Lightly Salted

Smooth, cultured butter like you’ve never had before! Our Butter Logs from The Vermont Creamery are a prized mastery in the art of butter making. These 2018 American Cheese Society winners have taken their love of all things dairy created masterful products to share with the world.

So what’s so special about this butter? One word: cultured. Vermont Creamery uses the old world European style to churn small batches of fresh Vermont cream. First, they pasteurize fresh Vermont milk and add live cultures into the cream. Next, they thicken the cream in large vats to allow wonderful buttermilk and hazelnut flavors to develop. Finally, after fermentation, the cream is slowly churned into their fabulous butter.

The difference will knock you out of your socks. Each bite is full of 86% butterfat and loaded with creamy, rich butter taste. Spread it over waffles, pancakes or pastries, or use it any baking recipes for subtle, yet unique flavors only found through the Vermont Creamery.

Founded in 1984, the Vermont Creamery crafts each product with care and mindfulness of the source. Their milk is harvested by local farmers and transported directly to the creamery with little waiting time. In their 35 years of business, they’ve grown to over 100 employees and recently, founder Allison Hooper won the James Beard Foundation’s "Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America" award. The motto of the creamery is “you’ll never eat anything we don’t believe in.”

Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured cream, salt.
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