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Wagyu Porterhouse Steaks, MS3, 24 oz ea

Wagyu Beef Porterhouse Steaks, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
6 pieces, 24 oz ea frozen $55.00 $495.00

Wagyu Beef Porterhouse Steaks, MS3

The Porterhouse Steak is one of our customer’s favorites – a large, meaty steak that looks like an extra-large T-Bone, with the most prized cuts of beef on each side. On one side you’ll find a generous swath of buttery tenderloin meat, while on the other side, separated by the characteristic T-bone, is a big piece of succulent skirt steak. Lots of premium, flavorful meat in one whopping steak! Weighing in at 24 oz. per steak, you’ll get 6 pieces, to sear or grill to your meat-loving heart’s content.

We source our premium Wagyu from one of Australia’s most renowned names in cattle: Broadleaf Game. Their prized purebred Wagyu beef comes from the same breeds of the famed Japanese Kobe beef, genetically privileged breeds that are coveted for their finely marbled meat, webbed with fine intramuscular fat that melts as it cooks, making every bite sublimely creamy, flavorful and butter-knife tender. This comes from cattle raised humanely on rich Australian pasture, finished on grain feed for a minimum of 300 days. It’s certified free of growth promotants and antibiotics, just natural, delicious beef like nature intends it. Halal certified.

Cooking tips: To cook and serve Wagyu, keep in mind that this buttery beef is best cooked to medium-rare – any more and you’ll risk overcooking that beautiful fat. Bring to room temperature before cooking, and if grilling, watch out for flare-ups as that mouthwatering fat melts off into the flames (we recommend a pan).

Marble Score: 3
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: what does ms3 mean?
A: Wagyu beef has its own grading standard, which measures the meat’s intramuscular fat, also known as “marbling”. This marble score – or MS, for short – denotes the degree of visible intramuscular fat found within the meat, which appears in fine, white streaks and specks on the red muscle. Marbling scores are expertly graded from 3 to 12 (12 being the highest grade/score) by independent, qualified assessors, who base the score on the ribeye muscle of each cow. In determining the score, they assess the quantity, distribution and texture of the visible fat flecks.

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