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Gourmet Food WorldWagyu Beef And CharcuterieRib EyeWagyu Beef T-Bone Steaks, 16 oz ea
Wagyu T-Bone Steaks, MS3, 16 oz ea

Wagyu Beef T-Bone Steaks, 16 oz ea

from Australia by Broadleaf
10 pieces, 16 oz ea frozen $55.00 $550.00

Wagyu Beef T-Bone Steaks, 16 oz ea

Welcome to the world of the T-bone: a two-in-one deal of flavorful, juicy beef that includes a meaty cap of tenderloin on one side, and a generous piece of strip on the other. Beefy flavor meets buttery tenderness!

A pack of 10, 16 oz. steaks, these T-Bone Steaks come from all-natural, antibiotic and hormone-free Australian Wagyu Beef, a genetically privileged breed that’s prized for it’s finely marbled meat. Marbling is the key word for Wagyu/Kobe – it refers to that webbing of fine intramuscular fat that’s Wagyu is known and loved for. It melts into the meat as the beef cooks, making every bite sublimely creamy, flavorful and butter-knife tender. Graded marble score 3 in the Wagyu scale, our T-bones are tender and incredibly flavorful without being too soft – a steak for those who still like a little bit of bite and texture in their meat.

Season with a bit of coarse sea salt and fresh pepper and pan sear it until you get a mouthwatering brown crust. Note that you don’t need any additional oil or butter to cook Wagyu, it’s got plenty naturally. Cook until medium-rare (trust us here!) so as to not overcook that beautiful fat. Our T-Bones are also great when grilled but we recommend a grill pan for all Wagyu grilling to avoid flare-ups.

We source our premium Wagyu from one of Australia’s most renowned names in cattle: Broadleaf Game. Their prized purebred Wagyu beef comes from the same breeds of the famed Japanese Kobe beef, humanely-raised on rich Australian pastures, then finished on grain feed for a minimum of 300 days. It’s certified free of growth promotants and antibiotics, and Halal certified.

Marble Score: 3
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