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Wild Boar Bacon

Wild Boar Bacon, Cured and Smoked

from United States by Broadleaf
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1 lb, sliced frozen $17.56 $17.56
10 x 1 lb, sliced frozen $14.00 $140.00
2 pieces, 5 lbs each frozen $13.00 $130.00

Wild Boar Bacon, Cured and Smoked

Few things excite the senses like bacon, and bold, smoky, sweet Wild Boar Bacon is where it's at. From free-range feral pigs raised on ranches in San Antonio, Texas, this sizzling, crispy meat has a unique flavor profile due to the animals' natural diet of acorns, nuts and roots, which infuse the meat with nutty-sweet juiciness. Each Wild Boar Bacon slab is lightly smoked and cured, contributing salty, smoky notes. Wild boar meat is also much leaner than regular pork, with less saturated fat and cholesterol and more omega-3s, so you can enjoy bacon guilt-free.

This product arrives vacuum-sealed. You can purchase 1 pound of bacon rashers or 2 x 5-pound slabs you can slice yourself. You can cook Wild Boar Bacon the same way you would with pork bacon: on the stove, in the oven or in the microwave. As with regular bacon, it can be incorporated into numerous different recipes, including savory dishes as well as sweet ones (if you haven't tried chocolate-covered bacon're in for a treat).

Our Wild Boar Bacon is distributed by Broadleaf, one of the USA's premier importers of gourmet meats. They source their wild boar from local ranches close to San Antonio, Texas, where animals are free to graze in open pastures, and humanely trapped and slaughtered. No antiobiotics, hormones or additives are used in the process.

Ingredients: Wild Boar Meat from Feral Swine. Cured with: Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Spices, Sodium Erythorbate and Sodium Nitrite. Smoked and fully cooked to 160 degrees.
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Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars rating(5.00)1 ratings Log in to rate this item.
5 out of 5 stars ratingMar 30, 2021

I absolutely love this bacon. It is leaner, but much more flavorful. It is not as bad for you as regular bacon and you are not hurting the environment when you order it since this comes from feral hogs. Everyone, but the hogs, wins.

Chris from Jacksonville, FL
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Can I buy wild boar bacon smoked by slabs ?
A: This product comes pre packaged. Slab not available.

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