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00 Pasta Flour

00 Pasta Flour

from Italy by 5 Stagioni
1 resealable bag - 14 oz room temp $3.35 $2.95 5208601
1 resealable bag - 1 lb room temp $3.35 $3.35 5208602
1 resealable bag - 55 lbs room temp $3.26 $179.30 5208603

00 Pasta Flour

When it comes to flour production, Le 5 Stagioni have most beat. They are the leading brand of flour in Italy. Boasting an impressive variety of flours, their Tipo 00 Pasta Fresca flour stands out as it is a special soft wheat flour obtained through a unique grinding process that only extracts the heart of the wheat grain. The result is a pure flour with low ash content that makes it ideal for fresh pasta production with eggs, creating pasta with a rich, golden color.

Le 5 Stagioni are meticulous in their approach to flour production and ensure that all wheat used is carefully selected in order to produce flour of the highest quality. They are so dedicated to the process that their top technicians are always on hand to give customers advice on recipes and preparation techniques, with the option of taking part in a training session.

Fresh-made pasta has many advantages over the dry variety: it takes less time to cook, has a better texture and more flavor. One benefit of preparing your own fresh pasta is being able to create a batch of ravioli with whichever filling you desire, while also giving you the freedom to decide on the size and shape you would like the pasta to be. You can choose to stick with the traditional fillings, like spinach and ricotta, or you could prepare a variety of fillings and cook the medley together. However, the possibilities don’t end there: longer, rectangular sheets can be made for lasagna or cannelloni, or you could make your own custom pasta shapes to enjoy with a refreshing pesto.

Nestled in Padua, Italy, Le 5 Stagioni mill has been producing the finest flour since the early 2000s, but knowledge of the craft comes from Italian families from over 150 years ago. The leading brand strives to keep up with customer demands and develop new products that will satisfy every need to perfection.

Ingredients: Wheat flour.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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