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Akazu Vinegar

Akazu Vinegar

from United States by Kisaichi Jozo
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Akazu Vinegar

Akazu Vinegar is a traditional Japanese condiment with a rich history and exceptional taste. Crafted using time-honored fermentation techniques, Kisaichi Jozo, a revered vinegar producer, is responsible for creating some of the best Akazu Vinegar on the market.

Made from sake lees, the remnants left after the fermentation of sake (Japanese rice wine). Sake lees are rich in nutrients and flavor, making them an ideal base for vinegar production. To create Akazu Vinegar, the sake lees are carefully collected before being subjected to a prolonged dual fermentation process. The results are a delightful condiment; that boasts a complex yet mellow taste, and the ideal balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

A fundamental element in Japanese cuisine, Akazu is a sought-after ingredient when creating traditional dishes. It is widely used in recipes like sunomono (vinegar-marinated salads), pickles, and tsukemono (Japanese-style pickles), where its gentle sweetness and subtle tang enhance everything from fish to vegetables and grains.

A traditional ingredient, Akazu Vinegar by Kisaichi Jozo offers a taste of authenticity when creating Japanese-inspired recipes. Embrace the time-honored flavors of this exquisite vinegar and explore its versatility in a wide range of dishes.

Ingredients: rice, alcohol, sake residuals, salt
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