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Asian Sauces and Dressings

Your Asian recipes will really shine when you add our authentic Asian sauces and marinades - intense Fish Sauce for Thai dishes, classic Shoyu, Ponzu and soy sauce for Japanese cuisines, or Mirin sake for authentic sushi. Discover rare and exotic Asian sauces like Sudachi sauce or Yuzu juice. Gourmet Food World's selection of Asian products are perfect to give your Asian recipes authentic flavor.
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Japanese Ponzu - Unfiltered
from Japan by Yakami Orchards
Supreme flavor, acidic balance and enchanting aroma.
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Kabosu Marugoto Shibori (Kabosu Juice)
from Japan by Yakami Orchards
A fruit form Japan, Kabosu combines a fresh lemon flavor with notes of mint and cucumber.
Matcha Green Tea Powder
from Japan by Maeda-en
A simple and beautiful ingredient: 100% green tea powder from Japan.
Mirin Sweet Cooking Sake
from United States by Kikkoman
Mirin is a sweet and fragrant amber liquor, used for flavoring dishes.
Soy Sauce
from Japan by Kikkoman
A classic and complex soy sauce made from natural fermentation.
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Sudachi Marguoto Shibori (Sudachi Juice)
from Japan by Yakami Orchards
From the Japanese Sudachi fruit, a uniquely refreshing flavor of lime and pepper.
Tempura Batter Mix
from United States
Three Crabs Fish Sauce
from Thailand by Viet Huong Fish Sauce Company
The classic ingredient for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, with a nicely balanced flavor.
White Miso Paste
by Hikari Miso
A classic white miso paste, perfect to create a delicious miso soup.
White Shoyu - Japanese White Soy Sauce
from Japan by Shoyu
A light and clear soy sauce that will not overwhelm or color your dishes.
Yuzu Marugoto Shibori (Yuzu Juice)
from Japan by Yakami Orchards
A delicious fruit juice that combines the flavors and aromas of lemons, oranges and tangerines.
Yuzu Koshu - Green
from Japan by Yakami Orchards
A tart and flavorful rub of Yuzu fruit juice and chili peppers.
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Sakura Cherry Blossom Soyu
from Japan by Haku
A rare and lovely blend of light soy sauce infused with beautiful cherry blossoms from Kyoto, elegantly bottled in glass with a cork stop.
Kishibori Shoyu - Barrel Aged 1 Year
from Japan by Shoyu
A superbly intense and complex artisan soy sauce aged in cedar barrels.
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