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Buy Fresh Italian White Winter Truffles | Gourmet Food World

Fresh White Truffles - Italian Alba Truffles

from Italy by Gourmet Food World
1 oz chilled $7,197.61 $431.86 4404201
2 oz chilled $7,197.61 $863.71 4404214
1/4 lb chilled $7,179.61 $1794.90 4404202
1/2 lb chilled $7,179.61 $3589.80 4404203
1 lb chilled $7,179.61 $7179.61 4404215

Fresh White Truffles - Italian Alba Truffles

Available by-order - 4 to 7 business days

The amazing white Alba truffles is one of the most prized culinary items in the world. This white gem grows during the winter months, deep within the ground, under the roots of oak trees, in the northern Italian regions of Piedmont and Alba. This rare mushroom cannot be grown, but rather it is “hunted” by trained dogs and their owners, which makes it even more elusive and hard to find. But our truffle hunters know all the secret spots! Around December every year, and just about until January, these truffle hunters go searching for the diamond of Alba, and ship them fresh to us every week. Therefore, when you buy fresh truffles online, you get them at the peak of freshness. Buy fresh truffles online today!

Instructions for use and storage: White Alba truffles are easy to add to recipes, but they're also easily overcooked. The trick is to warm them, but not cook them. A small amount of heat releases all those fabulous aromas and flavors from the Italian white truffles, but high heat will destroy their delicate taste and texture. The best way to cook white truffles is to shave them thinly and add them to the just cooked dish, at the end of the preparation. The heat of the dish will be enough to release the superb characteristics of the truffle.
NOTE: Fresh Italian white Alba truffles are charged based on the actual weight that ships in your order. White truffle prices can change weekly. When you buy fresh truffles online, you will be charged based on the prevailing price the week your order ships.

Storage: tightly wrapped and refrigerated
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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4404214 2 oz 0.10 lbs. - 0.14 lbs. $7,197.61
4404202 1/4 lb 0.23 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $7,179.61
4404203 1/2 lb 0.47 lbs. - 0.53 lbs. $7,179.61
4404215 1 lb 0.90 lbs. - 1.10 lbs. $7,179.61


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