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Allspice - Whole

Allspice - Whole

from Jamaica by Gourmet Imports
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Allspice - Whole

Jamaican Allspice looks like a small brown peppercorn. It grows on an evergreen tree, and is picked while still green, dried whole and then ground for use. These are whole Allspice Berries that are ready to be ground fresh prior to use. Grinding berries fresh allows for the strongest aroma, boldest flavor and freshest taste. Whole berries have a much longer shelf life than already ground allspice powder. They will keep indefinitely if properly stored away from light, air, and moisture.

Whole Allspice Berries are a versatile spice from Jamaica that is common in many cuisines around the world from the Caribbean to Europe. Allspice is also called Jamaica Pepper because of its discovery in Jamaica during 17th century explorations. Explorers thought that the spice had a pleasant combination of flavors from other known spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, oregano, and pepper; so the nickname “all spice” was quickly adopted.

Essential for Caribbean jerk seasoning, Jamaican Allspice seasoning is delicious when combined with hot peppers and used generously on grilled chicken or fish, vegetables, and rice. It is also common in Mole sauces, sausage spice blends, and curry powders. In the United States, Cincinnati has adopted Jamaican Allspice as a flavor in its unique Cincinnati-style chili. In Europe, whole Allspice Berries are crushed and commonly used in marinades, mulling spices, smoked meats, soups, and meat pies.

Ingredients: Allspice.
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