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Bavarian Limburger

Bavarian Limburger

from Germany by Zurwies
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Bavarian Limburger

Everyone remembers that stinky cheese from all the cartoons we watched as children. But what if I told you it actually has a mild taste? In fact, it’s full of wonderful mushroom notes and pleasant grassy, earthy flavors. Made at the Zurweis Cooperative Dairy under the direction of world famous cheesemaker Anton Holzinger, our Bavarian Limburger by Zurwies is the best on the market. Each bite is full of soft paste that finishes with a subtle tanginess.

Anton’s cheese is world famous for a reason. The dairy works with 22 silage-free local farms to source organic milk daily. Silage-free is important to note as Anton considers it silage to adversely affect the flavor of the milk. Each farm is within 5 kilometers of the dairy and only nurses around 10-12 cows. This milk is truly the freshest, purest milk possible. They wash the cheese regularly during the maturation process to leave a thin, orange-brown rind on the exterior. This is one of the few Limburger cheeses exported to the U.S., and at such high quality, cheese lovers would be foolish not to take advantage of our catalog.

Use our Bavarian Limburger as part of your next cheese or charcuterie board. It goes well with sweeter fruits like figs and strawberries as they bring out some of the nutty flavors in the cheese. Spread it over water crackers with jam for a delightful appetizer. It also works well as a snacking cheese on its own. The cheese is Bavarian, so it’s made for pairing with beer instead of wine. Pair it with your favorite Belgian style ale and you’ll be in for a treat!

Zurwies Cooperative Dairy is ran by master cheese maker Anton Holzinger who began making cheese when he was 15 years old. He took over the dairy with a vision to create small-scale cheese in large quantities from the wonderful milk harvested in the area. Today the dairy is a high-tech, modern production facility that uses a tip-up system to allow small amounts of milk to pour into small vats to produce multiple types of cheese in a single day. The factory is so efficient that all the energy used in cheesemaking is collected from solar panels on top of the buildings used in production.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, starter cultures, microbial rennet.
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