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Gourmet Food WorldCaviarBottarga (Mullet Roe)Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole
Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole

Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole

from United States by Cortez
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Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole

Salted and cured fish roe, also known as Bottarga, is an ancient delicacy that still proves popular today. Produced by one of the finest US manufacturers, Cortez makes our wild-caught Grey Mullet Bottarga. Enhance any of your dishes with this savory condiment, from pasta and bruschetta to mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.

The process of manufacturing Bottarga is a delicate one. Female fish, in this case, Grey Mullet, are carefully and humanely slaughtered before their egg sacks are removed. The roe is then deftly massaged to get rid of any air pockets before being salted, pressed, and left to cure for several weeks. Once cured, the firm blocks of Mullet roe are ready to be used in dishes, sauces, soups, and more! Described as being deeply complex, funky, rich, and briny, with an incredibly smooth texture, Bottarga adds flavor and enhances everything with its delightful taste.

Especially popular in Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, these preserved fish eggs are considered a delicacy around the world! Bottarga is at its best, enjoyed raw. Rich and boasting intensely savory flavors, a little of this luxury condiment goes a long way. Use it like flaky finishing salt to garnish a dish. Finely shaved, a Microplane or mandolin is the best way to get just enough of on each plate. Some Bottarga is softer than others, depending on its method of preparation. If yours is too soft to shave or grate, stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm slightly and make it easier to handle.

A cured product Bottarga lasts unopened for several months, once opened, however, be sure to carefully wrap and store in the refrigerator. As you use it, be sure to peel back the fine papery membrane that surrounds the sac. One whole Bottarga can last for years, seasoning and flavoring hundreds of dishes. Known as "Mediterranean caviar" use Bottarga in the same way you would use truffle. Shave it over pasta, or add it to casseroles, soups, and sauces, for a punch of bold savory flavor.

Ingredients: Wild mullet roe, salt
Storage: Keep refrigerated, protected from light.
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