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Bottarga (Mullet Roe)

Bottarga is made from the salted and cured egg pouch of the mullet fish. The sac with the mullet roe in it is pressed into a hard paste, salted, cured and then later served grated or thinly sliced. This delicacy is eaten all around the world but is found primarily in the Mediterranean cuisines of Italy and Spain. Used in very similar ways to anchovies, Bottarga imparts dishes like pasta and crostini with a wonderfully salty, briny flavor and intensity.
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Botarga Caviar - Dried Mullet Roe
from France by Gourmet Food World
An intense and unique product- roe of the mullet dried and cured in salt.
Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole
from United States by Cortez
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