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Capelin Caviar

You'll find Capelin caviar topping many Japanese sushi rolls and nigiris. Also known as Masago in Japanese cuisine, the eggs from the Capelin fish, found in the cold Atlantic and Artic Oceans, are small and crunchy. It's used to replace Tobiko caviar, or flying fish roe. The natural color of Capelin caviar is golden, but it's often dyed and flavored - black capelin caviar is tinted with squid ink, green with wasabi and red with beet. Order from our great selection of Capelin caviar at Gourmet Food World!
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Black Capelin Caviar
from Iceland by Markys
Similar to lumpfish, this fresh and dramatic roe is usually reserved for Oriental cuisine and garnishing
Masago Caviar
from Iceland by Markys
Wildly popular in Japanese Sushi cuisine, Masago actually comes from Iceland
Red Capelin Caviar
from Iceland by Markys
The perfect choice to decorate your Asian-inspired dishes, red capelin caviar bursts with fresh flavor
Tobico Capelin Caviar Black
from Iceland by Markys
A must for your Sushi or Asian-inspired cuisine, this relatively inexpensive caviar will become a staple in your refrigerator
Tobico Capelin Caviar Golden
from Iceland by Markys
So beautiful you'll just want to look at it for hours (and at this price, you can!)
Tobico Capelin Caviar Orange
from Iceland by Markys
Very similar to Sushi Capelin, this caviar is dramatic, flamboyant and refreshing
Tobico Capelin Caviar Red
from Iceland by Markys
The perfect option when looking to infuse your dishes with clean flavors and sexy color
Tobico Capelin Caviar Wasabi
from Iceland by Markys
A fiery addition to your kitchen, this caviar delivers quite a kick to the palate, without overpowering it
Tobico Ginger Capelin Caviar
from Iceland by Markys
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