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from Italy
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This impressive cheese from Italy will taste and look different depending on which season the milk comes from. Bra Duro originally starts as a softer Bra Tenero, but becomes firmer, saltier and slightly spicy as it ages. Its sharp cheddar-like flavor with nutty undertones develop during its longer aging process.

This delicious cheese comes from the ancient town Bra in Italy's Piedmont region, which is famous for its biannual cheese festival. After 180 days of aging, it develops concentrated, sharp flavors of roasted nuts, herbs and hay.

Our Bra Duro is an excellent snacking and cooking cheese. Grate it to enhance pastas, risottos and salads. You can slice it up and serve with other Piedmontese specialties like Cugna mostarda, toasted hazelnuts and local white wines. It goes perfectly with fruit jams as they contrast its saltiness. A little drizzle of honey is also a wonderful touch to counter this pungent cheese. Alternatively, you can embrace the strong flavors and pair it with a strong, spicy mustard and full-bodied red wines or an amber beer.

Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, animal rennet, lactic cultures.
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