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Natural Bitter Almond Extract

Natural Bitter Almond Extract

from United States by Castelmuro
1 bottle - 32 fl oz room temp   $28.75

About Natural Bitter Almond Extract

Enjoy Castelmuro Natural Bitter Almond Extract in your next cake, cookie, or tart. Castlemuro uses the purest bitter almond oils for their product. Extracts are made when natural essential oils are dissolved into alcohol to preserve their intense flavor and provide stability for a long shelf life. Buy almond extract today and experience the unique flavor by Castelmuro!

Pure almond extract can be used as a substitute for lemon or vanilla extracts. Almond has an earthy, nutty, mild flavor. It mixes well with sweet flavors like butterscotch, caramel, and maple; bitter flavors like chocolate and anise, and fruity flavors like cherry, plum, raspberry, and orange.

Bitter almond extract can be used in baking, sauces, creams, and dressings. At times, using an extract is preferable over using raw ingredients because extracts have consistent taste and quality, and reduce preparation times.

Castlemuro extracts are made in the USA. Buy almond extract online today!

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, oil of bitter almond.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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Product Questions And Answers
Q: Is the Almond Extract gluten-free?
A: The ingredients list doesn't mention any gluten derived ingredient: alcohol, water, oil of bitter almond.

Q: Hi I thought bitter almonds where ban in the USA, is this really extracted from bitter almonds. Thankyou

The ingredients listed are: alcohol, water, oil of bitter almond.

Processed or pasteurized bitter almonds products are not banned, only the raw ones are.

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